Mbm329 05:26, March 12, 2012 (UTC)

This page is a tribute to the utilities that HP has never added functionality to to make them useable except maybe in 1987. HP, please update the restrictions to your apps. I'm sure there's others. Feel free to drop a comment should you know some that I missed.


No lookaround support in regex. GNU grep requires the -P option to handle this. At least it provides the capability.


No support for data over 2GB in size.


No support for case insensitive searching.


Man page states "The hold space is limited to 8192 characters." Found this out while trying to build ImageMagick on an hpux system. Had to build the GNU sed to handle the autoconf files. Also lacks ability to modify files in-place.


No support for IGNORECASE variable. Case insensitivity is broken. Probably best to just use toupper() and tolower() for matching strings.


Supports only 212 character wide terminal.


Man page states "...tar does not support the archival of files larger than 8GB or files that have user/group IDs greater than 2048k."

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