The purpose of this document is to allow for personal recollection of steps used to provision the system. (Home Server)

Disk Configuration

Disks are spaced out to allow better venting and expansion in disk size.

0) 500GB 3) 6) 1TB 9)
1) 4) 1TB 7) 10) 1TB
2) 300GB 5) 8) 1TB 11)

System Setup Configuration (BIOS)

A reset of the NVRAM will clear the system configuration. This can be done by jumping pins 1 and 3 on the rear-most jumper on the CPU-side. After a NVRAM reset, the following modifications were made:

  1. System Time = UTC Time Zone
  2. Processor Settings > DMA Virtualization = Enabled
  3. SATA Settings > Port E = Off
  4. Boot Settings > Boot Mode = UEFI
  5. Integrated Devices > Embedded Gb NIC1 = Enabled (not with PXE)
  6. Report Keyboard Errors = Do Not Report
  7. F1/F2 Prompt on Error = Disabled


During initial power-on, the USB DVD is attached to allow it to be the first attempted boot device.

Network Configuration

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